Automatic Transmission Fluid

Castrol Transmax TQ 95

An automatic transmission fluid specifically developed for BTR 4 speed, electronically controlled transmissions as used in many Ford Falcon and Fairlane cars.


4-Speed Ford Falcon and Ford Fairlane cars, Maserati automatic 1995-2001 3200GT or Quattroporte models, Ssang Yong vehicles with M74LE model BTRA transmissions and most late model Honda vehicles. Castrol Transmax TQ 95 is also suitable for power steering systems where General Motors or Ford type fluids are recommended.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique friction characteristics ensure smooth gear shifts and prevent squawk during gear change,
  • Enhanced wear control to ensure a long gear set life.
  • High shear stability to ensure consistent performance throughout the life of the fluid,
  • Excellent viscosity stability for consistent shift "feel" with smooth gear shifting characteristics,
  • Excellent transmission cleanliness characteristics ensuring trouble free operation,
  • Friction characteristics tailored to suit the BTR Engineering 4-speed electronic control transmissions.


• BTRA/DSI 5M-44 (Factory Fill), 5M-52 (Service Fill)

Advanced Performance Series.

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